How many pills should I start with?

We recommend starting with a light dose after each meal before or after exercise. Start with 1 pill after a meal or snack and if you feel no flushing effects then you may up dosage after your next meal. Taking on a empty stomach will MAXIMIZE flushing effect for those sensitive to Niacin. Also when Taking CREATE 38 ATP you will be metabolizing your body's fuels at a faster rate. This means your body will be at a slightly warmer temperature. Make sure to stay hydrated with a good clean water source. 

What is the minimum effective dose? 

Even If you only take one capsule a day you still benefit from the formula. So experiment to see what best fits your lifestyle. 


For maximum results what dose do you recommend?

For Maximum results we recommend start with one pill three times a day. After breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should up the dose one pill each serving until you find your Maximum effective dose. We have some customers that take up to six capsules after each meal. Thats 18 capsules a day. PLEASE note that they didn't start out with that the built up to this. 

What is this flushing effect I am reading about on the label?

Our formula contains niacin (Vitamin B3), which causes the blood vessels to dilate near the surface of the skin. This aids in delivering the formula into the bloodstream and where it needs to go. In doing this, it may possibly result in a warmish/hot, tingling sensation accompanied by a red flushing of the skin.  Many people actually enjoy this experience, as CREATE 38 Teammate Carson Klein likes to say, "let's get fired up!"  If you find the flushing experience undesirable you can always help avoid it by taking CREATE 38 ATP with more food or reducing your dosage. After a few days you will begin to build a slight tolerance, making the flushing effects less noticeable, but not making the CREATE 38 ATP any less effective!


What are the best foods to take with CREATE 38 ATP if I want to avoid the flushing effects?

Lean proteins and healthy fats seem to work best in reducing those sensitive to the flushing effects of niacin. We have found that protein from eggs do not seem to be very effective at avoiding a flush.  We discovered however that solid foods tend to work best. Additionally, the pyruvates found in apples and pears work well with niacin and can help reducing flushing effects when taking CREATE 38 ATP with lighter meals. 


If I do experience  flushing, tingle or redness how long will it last?

The redness and flushing usually will only last 20-30 minutes. In some unusual cases it may last a bit longer than that but not likely. It is not harmful in any way and will subside. 


My urine is bright gatorade yellow is that ok?

Yes...everything in the formula is water soluable so you will flush out what you don't use. 


Do I need to reduce dosage if my urine continues to be bright yellow?

No... There are still Vitamins, minerals and cell salts that your body is utilizing while flushing out unused portions of others. Just continue to drink plenty of water. 


What should I notice after I start taking CREATE 38 ATP?

Since CREATE 38 ATP is not a thermogenic, and there are no stimulates in our formula, therefore you will not a get a jitter "rush" of energy.  However as you move through your day, you should notice a even keel sustained energy, mental clarity and stamina.  At the point when you would usually begin to dwindle, you will find yourself smiling at the fact that you want to keep going.


Can I take CREATE 38 with my other supplements?

CREATE 38 ATP is safe with most supplements on the market. We recommend checking to make sure you are not doubling up on dosage amounts that might make you uncomfortable, such as formulas that already contains substantial amounts of Niacin in them. Niacinamide is a different form of vitamin B3 and does not give a flushing effect and does have different effects. You might also find that you can lower your dose of other supplements while still getting the same desired effects. This is because your system is utilizing everything you put in your body more efficiently. If you are uncertain about any vitamin or supplement pairing, check with your doctor, naturopath or other certified nutritional provider. Always do your own research as well so you can make an informed decision and make your own choice.

How late in the evening can I take CREATE 38 ATP

You can take it all the way up until you go to bed. Because there are no stimulates in the formula it will not keep you awake. We have not encountered any of our testimonials reporting and we at CREATE have never have experienced it.

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