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This talented pilot is always down for a good laugh, but if you watch some of videos you may find yourself holding your breath. This guy is a not only a talented wingsuit pilot when it comes to jumping out of planes, he has even more BASE jumps than he does skydives. He has opened more than one BASE exit point but that might not be one of the first things he will tell you. 


Andre is not only kicking butt in the U.S. Nationals Longboard surf championships but is also a Jiu-Jitsu instructor that studied at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. In Hawaii where he lives he has own studio, Derizans Jiu-Jitzu. In 2015 at the longboard surfing at National in San Diego California Andre place 5th in the 18+ class and 4th in the 40+. this guy is truly inspirational.


Matt Rosado is a true adventurer. Matt is not one to do the same jump over and over again but instead is passionate in doing what it takes in finding the jem's out there where quality is over quantity. As a professional skydiver and wingsuit BASE jumper, Matt also surfs and enjoys wind tunnel flying. He has been skydiving since 2006 and in the BASE scene since 2009. With over 7000 skydives, Matt brings with him enthusiasm in working on future Team Create project and we are excited to have him on board. He currently lives in Santa Cruz where surfing is also a main part of his life. 



Jaime, certified Life Coach, has been trained by Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, and Ramtha. Jaime’s focus is on helping his clients to establish control and achieve their goals by attaining mind-body awareness through his Holistic approach. His extensive list of clients includes children, athletes, and celebrities. He hopes to expand his reach to a much larger audience, leading people across the globe to a more satisfying and rewarding life. To learn more about Jaime’s inspiring story and welcome him to Team Create, click here!



On the ground Justin is one of the quietest guy's you will ever meet, but if you are ever fortunate enough to fly with him you will suddenly realize just how loud he is. All you have to do is look over your shoulder and he is right there so close his whisper is like a scream. He will stick with the best in speed, turns or diving because he is one of the best!  His humble nature and and skill make him outstanding and we couldn't ask for a better guy to join the team. 



As of now Tristan is the Youngest on the team. At the age of 19 he has 1300 skydives, his AFF instructor rating and is a Tandem Instructor rating. Tristan did his AFF with Jhonathan Florez and quickly became his protege. Tristan is a talented wingsuit pilot and he learned from whom many considered to be the best. We are keeping a close eye on this young gun and can't wait to see what hold in his future.

Also Triston pulled the trigger and did his first  B.A.S.E jump course this summer with Miles D. When he is not enjoying sky sports he rides dirt bikes, snowboards,  and climbs.



From TV personality and wingsuit superstar to family man and artist there isn't much Todd doesn't do. Watch out though when he gets into beast mode as he tends to lose his charm. A competitor by nature Todd was in the top four fastest times in the qualifier rounds for The Red Bull Aces 2015. He keeps current in every area of his passions.


What could we say about Hartman Rector... maybe you should go to or go to youtube to see one of his videos and see for yourself. This soft spoken guy is one amazing athlete.  Hartman excels at wingsuit terrain flying and is also a wingsuit coach for Squirrel. When summer is over he enjoys some "downtime" Alpine skiing and Speedriding. Usually he will step away from the snow just long enough, to sunny Hawaii to stay current  wingsuiting  and flying the beautiful coast line. 


Mike was Pro skier since he was a teenager and recognised as one of the leaders of the freeskiing movement. He is known for pushing the limits in everything he does. In 2004, Wilson introduced the first off axis double-flipping rotation to skiing (the "Wilsonflip"), revolutionizing freeskiing competition. Off snow Mike enjoys setting up rope swings at Lake Tahoe sticking quad 100 ft back flips. Other passions for Mike include B.A.S.E Jumping and Rope jumping just to name a few. This guy's air awareness is incredible and we couldn't be more stoked  to have such a talented well rounded  athlete on the Team.


Steph davis is a amazing person and a incredible athlete. She has supported  herself as a sponsored climber since 1996 and only works with  companies that share similar ideas about what life is about and what matters most. Steph also loves writing, photography and experimenting with vegan recipes. She can be found in Moab with her dog  Another one of her loves Cajun is a high energy dog that has the hops of Michele Jorden. When Cajun if not fulfilling her life's main goal of staying with in 30 feet of Steph, she is annoying her cat brother Mao. Check out her instagram and follow to see some amazing photos of what the two are up to.



When Carson isn't working as a professional sky-diver and helicopter/fixed wing pilot. You can find him racing in World class competitions like the World Base Races in China and most recently the Red Bull Aces. This multifaceted pilot is proficient in everything he flies which includes paragliding, speed flying as well. Oh and he also enjoys surfing and punk music. We think he smiles to much but maybe thats just because we are Jealous of all the fun he is having.


With over 17 years as a instructor Barry has taught some of the worlds leading wingsuit pilots of today. Humble yet second to none he has worked on some of the most high profile jobs in the wingsuit B.A.S.E environment. We are honored to have him on the Team. We look forward to the expertise and safety record that he brings to the game. to know more about Barryand the projects he has been a part of go to


33 year old lifetime Alaskan who grew up commercial fishing,and subsistence hunting. has always pushed himself hard in outdoors activities. s,either on the ocean or in the mountains. Fishing for months at a time in rough conditions with little sleep,or getting farther into the mountains that other to find old rams and bills . doing what other say you can’t or what in part is what drives him to this places. things that come easy do much excite him or hold his attention. Physical and mental challenges are the things that spark his interest and hold his attention. When he is not hunting and fishing he enjoys time with friends skiing, hiking camping and cooking.

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